Part 2 - Sex Versus Intimacy


Join us for an enlightening dual session lecture focused on exploring the intricacies of sex and intimacy.
Doe nu mee met Part 2 - Sex Versus Intimacy!

Mevr. Zimra Kandyba-Kesing

Zimra Kandyba-Keesing has been teaching for over 30 years, to young and old. Starting as a young girl Zimra taught Jewish lessons in Sunday school. After finishing her own school career she taught young children for years in the Jewish school in Amsterdam, the Cheider. In the past 15 years Zimra has specialized in teaching adults where she specialized in the subject of the Jewish marriage. Zimra attends additional trainings and courses to broaden her horizon and deepen her knowledge in these subjects. The subject of intimacy in Judaism is a common thread in which she educates individuals and in which she lecture larger audiences about this subject. Besides these topics Zimra also teaches about day to day subjects in Judaism like kashrut and Shabbat. Every subject and every level is a positive challenge for Zimra and she enjoys the connections she makes with people and the lessons they learn together. Get inspired yourself and join us for a class given by Zimra.

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